Import Limit Reached

I bought a Seagate Backup Plus portable hard drive few days ago and it came with a complimentary subscription Mylio Create plan. I am new to Mylio and accidentally included other non-photo folders (eg. music, docs, manuals, etc.), and during the import, it failed with an error “Import Limit Reached”.


  1. Can I safely delete those non-photo folders under Mylio_xxxxxx_xxxxxx library without affecting the source?
  2. Is there a limit for import under the Seagate complimentary subscription plan?


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  1. Just remove the folders you don’t want in Mylio in the Dashboard under Devices / (Your Device) / Source Folders

  2. Yes, 50’000 images.

I removed the source folders called Users, then somehow I ended up with more than 1,000 folders in my source folders, so I decided to unlink all devices (2 external HDD & NAS) to start clean again. Afterward, I decided to check my 2TB source disk (where all my photos/videos are located) and found ALL of them are gone/deleted. Checking the trash can on my Mac, I found those deleted folders but not all my files can be retrieved as some might be corrupted. How did this happen? All my family photos/videos from 2002 were deleted.

Is it possible that unlinking devices caused the deletion of all my original files/folders (photos, music, videos, docs, pdf, etc)?

Mylio concept of being able to view & edit your photos from any devices is nice, and I like the different types of view, especially the calendar & facial recognition feature. However for newbies, who don’t understand how Mylio works, it’s a dangerous product, might cause lost of important memories. In my case I almost lost everything from 2002 to present, luckily I was able to recover some from trash can and some from other backups & SD cards which haven’t been reformatted yet.

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I’m sorry to hear about the accidental loss of photos, but am glad you had some backups. Resetting Mylio and/or unregistering your devices should not delete any files on your computer or external drives.

If you’re having any trouble getting set up again, please submit a support ticket via the Mylio app by opening the View Menu (the three vertical dots in the top-right) and going to Help > Contact Mylio Support and we can help you out.

Thanks, Mike. I’ve booked a deep dive with Theo, hopefully he will be able to help me setting up my Mylio.

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