Import photos from Nikon camera

Have just installed Mylio (which I’ve never used before) on a new android tablet Neocore E1 and am trying to import photos from a Nikon camera. I’m sure there must be a simple procedure - but I can’t find it! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

If you can connect the camera to the phone as a storage device, Mylio might be able to see and import the photos. I haven’t tried it so I’m guessing it will copy them to the tablet, which can take a lot of storage space depending on the number of photos, whether you shoot RAW etc.

Is the tablet your only device that has Mylio? It would be easier to do such things on a computer. That would also help with storage usage, you can have originals on the computer, or an external drive, sync the smaller versions to the tablet for viewing, sync the originals you want to work on to the tablet if the that is a part of process.