Importing Aperture library with RAW+JPEG pairs

Tried to import an old Aperture library, that contained mostly RAW+JPEG pairs.

As Mylio handles RAW+JPEG pairs quite well I’ve expected both will be imported into Mylio. To my surprise only the one selected as the master in Aperture whether it be the RAW or the JPEG was imported. The other was ignored.

One could say, it imports the one I’ve chosen as a master so why care about the (hidden) other version. Well, occasionally both are worth to be kept, f.e. if I did extensive in-camera processing in the field but want the RAW for a completely different processing in post.

An option to choose whether I want to keep both or only the master would be preferable.

Maybe it is a little late for such a request given that most Aperture libraries are likely transferred to something else already. But I think the behaviour is the same for an import from Photos and thus this request might still be relevant.


I ran into the same thing, except I didn’t notice until a year later. Mylio support was helpful but ultimately I needed to import twice.

The workaround was:

  1. Set Aperture to show RAW as master
  2. Import into Mylio library 1
  3. Set Aperture to show JPEG as master
  4. Import into Mylio library 2
  5. Merge with a command line utility like rsync —dry-run -aP library2 library1 (remove dry run if you’re sure)

In reality it was more complicated for me because Mylio had trouble importing the library the second time so I split up the Aperture library and imported piecemeal. But in the end I think I got everything. If only there were some way to compare folder structures afterwards…

Thanks for posting your workflow. I’ve already thought about importing twice with different masters but didn’t think of rsync to merge the two.

In theory it would be an easy task to bring over both RAW + JPEG by querying the SQL Aperture database. I assume the Mylio import script is already querying the Aperture database via SQL requests to extract the edits done to a picture. But as the code is proprietary only the Mylio developers could implement it and given we are in year 7 after Aperture, I have little hope this will still happen.

As it is quite a while since you’ve imported your Aperture Library into Mylio, what is your final conclusion about the automatic conversion of Aperture edits into Mylio edits? I think only basic edits are transferred but for the average family and vacation shots it seems good enough.

The Aperture edit suite isn’t up to current standards and therefore it is worth to reprocess my best pictures with a recent photo editor like DXO Photolabs anyways. Thus I’m not too finicky about the automatically converted edits.

I agree that the Aperture import should just grab both versions. It’s really unfortunate that it doesn’t because I didn’t realize it until much later, and finding a workflow that I trusted, as well as making many backups at various steps “just in case”, was painful.

Tbh I didn’t care so much about preserving my edits exactly. I mostly color correct, and I don’t mind doing that again if the edits didn’t come across perfectly. I do wish the edit tools were a little bit more powerful (like having a dropper for gray or skin tone AWB). But that’s another topic.

I keep copies of my Aperture library and an older install of OS X just in case :wink: Best of luck on your import!