Improve Apple Photo Support

Mylio is pretty incredible. The user interfaces are intuitive. The user interfaces are mostly standardized across platforms as well. Thank you.

I am ready to move my family, extended family, parents, sister’s family, brother’s family all over to Mylio. Each household uses a Synology currently. Each household uses Apple Photos.

The hard stop to moving is currently the Apple “Live Photo” support. I love the way you all designed it with a zip file. Brilliant. However, there are some problems:

  1. No way to export a “Live Photo” with the MOV file. Many programs use the MOV file for making projects, timeline videos.

  2. No support for creating a “Live Photo” in Mylio if you have previously exported the HEIC and MOV originals from Apple Photo.

  3. No support for “Live Photo” if you move the HEIC and MylioDB file by any other means than Mylio. For example, copy the HEIC & myb file to another watched Mylio folder using the “Finder” instead of Mylio. Mylio recognizes the HEIC but no longer recognizes it as a “Live Photo.”

  4. These problems are not isolated to “Live Photos.” Any Apple iOS camera photo that uses an Apple enhancement (panorama, burst, slow-mo, portrait, Live Photo, etc) are impacted by these same problems.

We are quite ready to move away from Apple Photos completely to Mylio. It would essentially mean 6 new paying yearly licenses. But, none of my family is willing to jump to Mylio without these features in place.

Lastly, I am sure it has been requested, but support for multi-family members in the same account such that there is a “Share” section and an “individual” section. I have no problem running separate accounts but it is less elegant if you all live under the same roof and use the same Synology.

Once again, thanks for creating something amazing. Mylio is on the brink of becoming the go to software for managing all the content families create, but it has to support the Apple “Gimicks” or I just can not sell it to the family as a better product.


I haven’t tried selling Mylio to my family yet. I’m generally cautious and I want to put it through it’s paces. If it can hold up to my needs then my family will be happy. I’m bogged down with archival images right now so I haven’t run into the Live Photo issues yet but if what you say is true, then still is a big problem as the Apple “Gimmicks” need to work if I can have any chance of moving my family over.