Improved map feature

I’m spending a significant amount of time adding a map location to each of my images - many of which are photographic slides which I’ve digitised and therefore have no Metdata.
The Mylio map is less than acceptable and I’m continually referring to Google Earth to ‘fine tune’ the location.
Could you please give consideration to improving or changing the map feature so as to minimise what has become an extremely onerous task?
Thanks in anticipation.

The maps we use are from OpenMaps, which should show street-level information for most places in the world.

Are you looking for something detailed like satellite geography, or is it more about metadata like building names?

Thanks for responding to my request Deon.

Unlike many of your clients, I live in the country and unfortunately, OpenMaps doesn’t offer much detail at all outside heavily populated areas. As a consequence I need to continually refer to Google Maps and/or Google Earth to identify the location of my images.

I have done a lot of travelling in ‘remote’ areas and want to place these images accurately for my children and their families.

I do hope you can help…

Thank you in anticipation.

David Anderson

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Hi @Mylio_Deon,

My biggest issue with Mylio maps is localisation. I travelled to a number of countries which do not use Latin alphabet (Israel, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Nepal, …). Mylio shows the names of cities and towns in their own alphabet as a result, I just cannot find anything, I cannot even read the city.

Has OpenMaps ability to show English/Latin names of places instead of native ones?


Hi @yilgiddie, I had the same issue - and I agree, it’s a task where a checkbox-implementation won’t do. I ended up building a workflow around external tools, both for geo-tagging and category-tagging.

For geo-tagging, I use HoudahGeo, which allows me to keep a list of regularly visited places, track import, multiple map types/providers, and a decent search for places, among other things.

Caveat: It’s Mac-only, and it’s not free. The round-trip from/to Mylio via “Open in” and xmp-sidecars works quite well, though (“Open in Houdah-Geo” from Mylio, close Mylio, Geo-tag, write tags to sidecars, re-open Mylio).


Thanks ionos.

I’ll give it a try…

For windows you can use the free tool geosetter. It allows you to geoset photos on a Google map or open street map. You can search places etc. The Metadata is written to sidecar or inside jpg. After edits in geosetter, right click on mylio and choose for more folder actions and then rescan folder for changes.

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One nice thing at least would be to improve the rendering of open street maps in mylio. The current tile set looks like the old bing maps from the early 2000s, fairly low resolution. Using higher resolution or vector tiles would definitely be an improvement.

Further to my initial request, and the perceived reluctance by Mylio to address the issue directly, I ask that Mylio consider incorporating within Mylio. This would provide users who have no metadata associated with their images (in remote areas and other locations with no current street addresses) to positively locate such images.
I imagine this would not require Mylio to re-write the existing map feature (although it would not provide the optimal solution), but would nevertheless be significantly more user-friendly. Regrettably, Mylio’s map feature is, perhaps, the product’s weakest link.

I also miss more details in the map. I hope Mylio will improve on this!