Improving the experience when face tagging a lot of photos

I love the face tagging feature and have enjoyed recent improvements. I have face tagged a few tens of thousands of photos recently, and have shared the following slight annoyances with the Mylio support team. Also sharing here in case others have the same experience.

  • When “batch tagging”, the sort order seem random. I’m guessing it’s sorted by when the face detection happened, rather than by date. But for instance to tag children, knowing the date is very useful to know which is which (especially with babies!). I can show the date in the annotation, but changing the sort order would help a lot.
  • Being a dad, 90% of my photos are of the same 4 people (my kids, my partner and I). The face detection is pretty good but often suggests very different people. I would like to be able to set a few people as “favourites” so that I can tag them easily, instead of having to start typing their name each time.
  • When typing names, diacritics are treated separately - for instance if I start typing my name “Rémi” as “Rem” it doesn’t suggest my name, I have to start typing “Rém” for it to work. This is annoying on mobile as I have to long-press the letter to insert an accented a letter. Many French names are like this.
  • I like the button " Ignore untagged faces ", but I think that, on mobile at least, it should be placed in the context menu at the bottom right . My flow is that I tag relevant faces and I want to ignore the rest of face suggestions, so I have to 1. click top left, 2. show Info, 3. scroll down to the button, then Mylio moves to the next picture to tag but keeps the Info panel up so 4. I have to remove the Info panel. A context menu option would make a lot of sense here and be quicker.
  • It would be useful to add sorting the People view to 1) sort by decreasing number of tags (to quickly go to the most common people), and 2) sort by no of “proposed” tags as I would see who I could quickly confirm.
  • And finally, being able to add people to categories / sub-folders / keywords in the People view would be very helpful. I have 543 people so far, and more being added as I’m adding older scans, family albums etc., and the simple alphabetic sort is showing its limits. Any kind of categorising would help a lot.

Anybody else having similar experiences?


I agree with most of your ideas.
Many of them have already feature requests.
I suggest you signalize your like there and add separate ones where you don’t find one in this list or with a search.

Thanks, will do!