Inconsistencies in annotation display in different views/devices

I often wish to display the title as an annotations, but find they don’t seem to be consistently implemented.

The option for annotations is ‘Show name’ but seems to be intended to be ‘Show title’. On my Mac this correctly shows the title, but on iPhone shows the filename.

On a related note, the title and date displays in the top bar, but doesn’t change when scrolling through a sequence of photos - but only the first photo title and date is displayed until you return to the grid view and start again. You would expect the title to be changed as each different photo is displayed.

Further re the top bar, the title/date etc changes correctly when scrolling through photos in the ‘All Photos’ view, but not when in a folder, album or calendar view. This happens on both an iPhone and Mac. This is very confusing.

Hi @mpitman! Thanks for bringing all of this to our attention. I see a few things to address here:

  • In the Annotations View Menu setting, we use the word “Name” instead of “Title” to describe the annotation.
  • When scrolling through photos in any view except All Photos the top bar does not update for the photo that you’re currently viewing. Boy this is annoying!

You also noted that annotations don’t seem to be consistently implemented. I’m having trouble finding a situation where they don’t appear as expected. Do you happen to have a specific scenario that doesn’t work for you?

I’ll put in word about the other issues now and we’ll look into them.


Hi Matt

Thanks so much for looking into these little oddities and noting some for fixing.

The issues I’ve noted with consistency are the following but I think there could be more.

(1) On my iPhone when I select Name I get the filename not the title, but on my MacBook and iMac I get Title displayed. I’m assuming Title should always be displayed.

(2) When I choose to display more than one of the annotations, all sorts of things might happen, so I’ll specify a few…

  • on my iMac, in Folders view I can choose multiple annotations to display. If name and date are chosen they display fine. IF name and caption are chosen, they display fine, but if caption and date are chosen (not sure why you would, but just saying), they appear overwriting each other on the same line. If Name, Caption and Date are all chosen, Caption doesn’t display

  • similar for iPhone except that Name consistently displays the filename rather than the title

My sense is there may be more odd things but sorting these out might fix most if not all of it.

Hope you can reproduce the issues now.



  • on my MacBook in the same view if name and date are chosen I get the date only, sometimes, or I get nothing, other times. I can choose one or other but not both. This might be intentional because of the smaller screen but is a bit confusing as there is plenty of room to display both, even on 12" machine. If I choose Name first, then Date I get nothing. If i choose date first, then add name, I get date. But even that doesn’t seem quite consistent. If I choose Date then Name, the first time the date still displays. If I switch around and do other things, turn them all off, then choose Date then Name I get nothing.

Hi Marlene,

Thanks for the information! Hope I can help here:

On my iPhone when I select Name I get the filename not the title, but on my MacBook and iMac I get Title displayed. I’m assuming Title should always be displayed.

This is kind of odd, but we’ll show the TITLE on both platforms if there is one. If there isn’t a title, we’ll default to the filename. I just checked and this should be consistent across all platforms. Let me know if you’re seeing something different.

Thanks so much for this - yup, I can definitely reproduce the overlapping. How annoying! I’ll submit this bug and we’ll check it out. It also looks like we allow for a maximum of two lines of annotations on the image, no matter the size. I’ll run this by our design team and let them know that that restriction may be a bit limiting and we’ll relook at it. There is actually some discussion about how to display this information overall, so we may just take this feedback and roll it into that.

Overall it seems like there are some inconsistencies (as you noted :smile:) that we can check out. I’ll escalate these and we’ll slip it in as soon as our schedule allows.

Yes I agree it is kind of odd, but I guess that’s my point. I understand if there is no title the filename will display, but I’m looking at the exact same photos on my Macs as on the iPhone, and the iPhone is definitely displaying the filename when titles also exist. And it happens in all the views.

Re the multiple lines, I guess the use cases for this would vary quite a bit, but I was impressed to have the potential to see so much about a photo within the various views and then found it was really flakey. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with on this.

Of all the issues raised the one about displaying the title correctly in the top bar, and displaying the title consistently rather than the filename on the iPhone are the two issues with greater impact. The multiple lines one is more annoying than incapacitating… but will be great to see that resolved one way or another as well.

Thanks again for the followup and look forward to seeing these resolved.