Inconsistency between file EXIF data and Mylio

Hello and happy new year everyone,

after I was able to resolve my issues with my vault(s) by abandoning the NAS vault and switching to a local one with an additional external HDD I ran into another problem with my library, which I could not resolve yet:
Multiple files show faulty data associated with the photo in Mylio, examples are wrong dates and identified people/faces, which do not line up with the respective photo at all.

I have a theory, about the cause of the issue: I tried cleaning up my originals in the vault with an external program as discussed in multiple threads in the forum, by deactivating the “Safe delete on Vaults” option in “Source Folders”, closing Mylio on all devices and using PhotoSweeper to get rid of files, which have been imported multiple times. Afterwards I moved some files between folders and (outside of Mylio) and re-opened Mylio afterwards.
It seems, as if the Mylio database has some data referring to files I deleted and uses this data for files still present in my library. I assume that this happens due to iPhone photos from different iPhones, which have the same name as their index starts from zero when you switch phones.

My question is: Do I have any manual option to repopulate the Mylio database with the EXIF data from the currently on the disk? The face information may still be wrong I guess, but I could correct this manually with some time and effort. But I cannot do the same for all the date information etc.
Or am I asking the wrong question here?

I appreciate any help you may be able to provide. Thank you for your help, kind regards,