Individual info settings for different computers

We migrated from Photos with multiple libraries. Some are Family, some are individual.
Can separate devices (ie my wife) have separate source folders (ie her ancestors) than my device (ie my ancestors) so that our family folder is viewable and legible everywhere but our personal ancestor folders are viewable only on our devices?
If not can we run 2 Mylio set-ups on a device in order to separate them? (Mac Catalina, LAN)

There’s currently no way to have separate source folders for the same account. However, you could add a category to the folders (e.g. scottfamily category to yours and wifefamily category to your wife’s) then use the filter to only display one or the other category on each device.

If you prefer to run two separate Mylio accounts, you can do that on a Mac by simply creating a separate User account. This will require switching accounts every time you want to use one Mylio instanace over the other.

For more on categories see this article: Categories - Mylio Support
For more on the filter use check here: The Filter Bar - Mylio Support

And check our YouTube channel for previous webinars where I discuss using categories and filters in this manner:

Hi JC, That looks promising. 2 questions: 1. Are Categories Mylio specific or do they carry around, like keywords, to use in other programs? 2. I assigned a “Family” category and a “Betty Family” category to the photos. There were some events already set for photos that wound up in “Family”. When I selected the “Betty Family” category and looked into Calendar, the photos showed up as you outlined (great!) but the events from “Family” (such as a vacation we took) did not disappear with the photos - they remained. That confuses the “Betty Family” view. Is that circumstance preventable? thanks - S

  1. Category metadata is specific to Mylio.

Do you have a list of Mylio specific metadata / controls so I’m aware of how I’m customizing our collection?

Metadata interoperabilty is always a tricky thing. Just look at the many threads here on that topic. Yes there are metadata standards (too many of them, actually) - but every single photo app or service differs in exactly what metadata fields they will read/write. And where it happens to work for photos - chances are it will fail with video files.

Not comprehensive - but in general I’ve found the following Mylio metadata to interoperate bi-directionally with other programs (at least most of the time) for photos:

  • Keywords
  • Color Labels
  • Star Ratings
  • Title
  • Caption
  • IPTC (multiple fields)
  • Face Tags (with caveats)
  • EXIF (camera metadata)
  • Date Taken
  • GPS tags
  • Rotation

Things I’ve found that don’t always work, or are specific to Mylio:

  • Flag
  • Fuzzy Dates
  • Category
  • Editing parameters
  • Album membership

Thanks for the useful list. Category is a very easy to use and understand tool in the Mylio interface. Keyword is less so. The casual users in my family will gravitate to point and click. Would it make sense or be possible to elevate the Keyword ease of use to that of Category because it’s bi-directional and the time spent on setting that up can translate to other programs?

Use keywords if you want them to show up elsewhere. Almost every app understands keywords, except for some online services like Google Photos or Amazon Photos. Rather than supply your own keywords, those platforms want you to use their own super-duper “A.I.” to guess at what’s in your photos. Which I’ve always found to be pretty useless.

Categories are a nice touch in Mylio - they are implemented within the Mylio database for very fast browsing, but unfortunately don’t show up or work in any other apps.

Can the interface for keywords byimproved to be more “one click”. such as Categories are on the filter bar?

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Not like with Categories. People often have thousands of keywords. Mylio tells me I have 1,555 keywords in my library (and NO, I DO NOT want to EVER have to horzontally scroll thru all of those with my mouse wheel). Categories usually number in the dozens at most, making them much better-suited for “one click” UI elements.

I think the closest you can get with Keywords is Dashboard -> Library Stats -> Keywords where you can scroll thru keywords (sorted by most-used to least-used) and click on one to show those photos.

I’ve run into some challenges with Category and using it to switch between main groups of photos. 1. Events on the calendar from one Category still show up on the calendar while viewing another category (not the photos however). It’s clutter because clicking on an event doesn’t bring up the photos contained in it. 2. Keywords from one Category still show up on the dashboard link while viewing another category. Unlike Events, clicking on keywords inside the dashboard link does bring up photos from a different category. Clicking on something that should be within the category (ie a person) undoes the desired category restriction, returns whole library results instead, and backing out of that requires resetting the Category. Keywords within a category seems only to work by using the search tool and typing in the keyword. For others in the family that seems to require knowledge of the keywords or an outside list on a second program for instance which is kind of lame. Can you suggest a more elegant way of using keywords within a category that I’m missing?

You can assign categories not only to folders and individual photos, but also to events. Check on the event itself to see which categories have been assigned to it. Also, in events, there’s also an event filter where you can restrict which categories show up on any particular event.

Let me get more eyes on this, we might be looking at unexpected behavior, but I’d like to have dev and test confirm.

Hi Scott,

This is now with the dev team and they’re looking into it. I’ll try to update this thread if/when I get more specifics. Thanks for bringing it up :slight_smile:

There are a lot of topics in this thread.
The starting point was basically a request for a “family account”; something we have thought about for a long time, but I don’t know when we will get there.

The most comprehensive way to get the same result is, as you suggest, with multiple Mylio accounts. If you are a subscriber, it does end up meaning subscribing more than once :).
On a Windows machine you can run any number of Mylio accounts, even hundreds, all at the same time, and switch between them with a keystroke or two. On the Mac today you have to switch Mac accounts, but we plan to bring the same simple switching to MacOS too.
With separate accounts it is possible to have some separate folders and some shared ones too; so that is perfect.

We work very hard to store as much metadata as we can in standard formats. The list above looks complete. It is important to you and to us.

The behavior you are seeing with Categories and Events is not right and we will fix it.

Hope this helps.