Info tab: how to change 'camera type'

I am using this Covid-19 “stay-at-home” time to scan many of my diapositives (slides) and migrate them into the digital age! I adjust then manually the date (because it has the date of when the file was scanned) back to when the photo was actually taken (if I still remembe r;-) “Date Range” is a great feature in Mylio to cope with this!). For camera type, it contains the scanning device (I use a Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 ED) and I want to change this to the camera type (analog camera) I used back then. In batch-function, of course! How can I do this? When I touch the camera type name in the info tab, it does not give me the opportunity to manually change (different to touching the date where I can adjust)

Hope you can give me the solution, otherwise this is a feature I would strongly need in a next update.

Thank you,
Urs from Switzerland

I would do this using exiftool (on a laptop or desktop - not on Android or iOS). Mylio notices the change and updates itself. Exactly how you find the files depends on whether you are running on Windows or macOS. I use Macs, so I would create a script that would find all the images, perhaps using exiftool to test the existing camera details and date, and then update them as needed. The core of it would be this:

exiftool -make=Kodak -model=‘Instamatic 104’ image-name.jpg

(That was my second camera. I was 10.)
If you would prefer not to touch the JPEG itself, I find you can also do the exiftool change on Mylio’s sidecar (xmp) file - it seems to work just as well inside Mylio.

You can get more about exiftool from
Always make a backup before doing this kind of change!


Thank you! I prefer to do it in TIFF (that’s the storage format of my photos), so I have this info, like all the other like keywords, date, gps, embedded in the photo “for ever” whatever the future will bring on apps. Don’t feel comfortable with Mylio’s sidecar xmp file, for the long-term purpose of my storage.

After you are done with adding information to some photos you can select them and with Photo-Save metadata to file the data gets also written to some formats like tiff and jpg.

You might need the paying version for this feature.

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