Information about "Mylio Inbox"

I don’t have a folder called “Mylio Inbox”. Should I?

Is there some particular type of import, which I haven’t yet done, which creates the Mylio Inbox?

Can someone point me to some explanation about the Mylio Inbox at the support website? I looked around there but could not find much, maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place.

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In my experience, it is only created when another app shares an image with Mylio on a mobile device.

Thank you @aearenda. I did a test, ‘shared’ a photo to Mylio from a different app on my phone. Sure enough, the Mylio Inbox folder was created.

Seems it might (?) be better if the Inbox was just there (empty) whenever you install Mylio, and the help (‘getting started’) explained what it was for.

Am also having a hard time with the way I searched for “Mylio Inbox” under both the ‘support’ and ‘community’ websites and couldn’t find anything that explains this. My search skills need to improve I guess, but perhaps it’s something an update/revision to the ‘support’ website could address.