Install Mylio headless on Linux?

I’d love to switch to Mylio to manage my personal media. Is it possible to install on Linux without a GUI? Thank you

No. There are multiple threads here already about this - just search for “headless”.

Main thread on that topic:

Leaving Mylio because of their obvious choice to ignore their technically capable user base.

while I manually clean up the 100,000 duplicate images that were created…

if only they had enough sense to decouple library/database processes from GPU bound processes to provide a NAS / container option.

Guess i’m going back to Apple or Google.

While I would really love a headless version of Mylio, I don’t see how Apple or Google are offering this at the moment… do they?

true, perhaps i’m a little bitter… particularly about the situation with my personal data and the significant amount of duplication the software made.

a headless linux offering would likely also require the company to be more forthcoming with technical documentation than they’ve ever been willing to do in the past.

i ran some commands suggested by support, since emailing support back and forth is the only option and self-help with proper documentation of technical functionality is not….

Yes sorry to hear about your many duplicates. The Mylio de-dup tool has been promised before, I will believe when I’ll see it! In the meantime, VisiPics works really well for most cases.

Compared to many open source software I use, Mylio certainly feels more closed… but then it is proprietary software, and the fact that their staff is increasingly showing how to use the console here is a nice touch, which you don’t get from bigger corporations (those you mentioned + Adobe). Not a bad balance overall – I also would love more details of how to use the console fully, but understand it’s tricky to share these when they may change at any time…

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Type help in the console. If there is any command there that looks interesting and you want more info on (more than what’s in the help), let me know!

I wouldn’t recommend just trying every command on your real photos to see what they do, but if you have a test device that you can create a separate free account on with some test pics, go for it.

They are unsupported because we don’t test them or trying to maintain them release-over-release. But if something seems like it could help you, I’ll try and help you make it work.


Wow. That’s excellent nerd-sniping here… must resist the temptation to try all these…

Seriously though, thank you for your willingness to solve issues and find workarounds, even though you’re a small team! Appreciated :slight_smile:


I love it! It happens to me sooooo often!

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