Installing on Windows Server 2019?

I want to install a Vault instance on an always-on machine, and I have a Windows Server VM which would be ideal.

But, the installation will not start from the download page: Download Mylio for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android - on Windows Server, the download link is unresponsive.

Are there any alternative ways to install? Or is this not possible?

You can download the x64 .msix packages directly from here:

I’m not 100% sure if Windows Server supports .msix install, but if not you can just unzip it and run mylio.exe from there. (Try to avoid this though if you can, since you won’t get updates that way).

It looks like there is some sort of installer missing on Windows Server, so there’s nothing to actually run the .msix.

I will install a Windows 10 VM and try that instead I think …

If a Windows 10 VM is on but not logged in, will Mylio still be running (i.e. is it running as a service)?

I think you need to enable the Desktop experience on server:

Mylio can launch on startup, but not as a service. I just do an autologin using netplwiz generally.