iOS App Release Notes

Please don’t be lazy. It only takes a few minutes to write a paragraph about whats new or changed.

Not being lazy we promise! Releases on the iOS App Store require early submission to Apple before our what’s new article or marketing materials are written. Often, the iOS App Store will have generic descriptions submitted by our release manager (who does not write this content) in order to have its release be on the same day as the deployment of other platforms.

Refresh releases like yesterday often do not have anything worth highlighting as they are just bug fixes or minor, unnoticeable updates to the code. We will continue to use that descriptor if there is no features we are marketing in the release. The larger the release, the more likely we will have text in the App Store.

As always, the Mylio Change log is the best resource to see all documented changes in every release: Mylio Change Log and Version Release Notes - Mylio

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