iOS: Background sync

Hi folks,

Have been playing with Mylio for some time. Loved it and decided to make it a main way to manage 200-300K library for me.

One aspect, though, that I hope would be better is an ability to do a background sync from iOS devices. I’ve seen in the former posts that you’ve been looking at that.

Are there any updates?

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It seems there is no follow up comment on this. I experience the same, on all devices where the app is installed, it does not automatically add new photos in the background. I get notifications devices needs to be updated, which means they have to be opened manually. That’s not the system I’m looking for. SO, will there be a automatic background sync? Or may be better information regards syncing, like it will do when on charger and connected to wifi.

Currently, it will only sync when the app is opened

This is at least partly up to Apple. Apple has firm limits on what type of iOS apps can run in the background, and for how long (usually like 3 minutes max). Peer to peer sync like Mylio doesn’t fit into their model. They do allow for cloud-based web servers to send Apple “push” notifications to periodically wake up & briefly run your app (example, check for new email). Mylio would probably need to be re-architected to fit into that cloud-focused model.