Ios14 - widgets

I’ve been using the iOS 14 beta since it was first released and it’s likely to GM pretty soon maybe even next week. I’ve liked the Apple Photos widget which shows/highlights photos or videos it auto creates.

I would love Mylio to do something similar to this, even just highlighting photos like a year ago today, or last time you were at this gps (not sure if possible) and other things like this as too often we forget what we have done, as life goes too quickly. Auto creation of videos like Google and Apple do might be a longer goal but also nice.

Mylio used to have a similar feature in dashboard for photos a few years ago, it would be a perfect opportunity to dust off the old code in my view.

Also, I’m sure you guys are testing Mylio on iOS 14 but just an FYI when I resume the app it always crashes out. I relaunch and works fine but the initial crash is consistent and reproducible every time if that helps. Everything else including photo import etc works without issue