iPadOS issues and feedback

Hello everyone!

With the iPad becoming a better computer with time, and also with the space and performance required for Mylio to store all photos, there are some issues that seem to creep up for me:

  • Trackpad support
    Scrolling on iOS with the trackpad doesn’t work at the moment at all, anywhere in the app.

  • Original export
    With Mylio on iPad storing all my originals (CR2, CR3 etc!) I would love to export those to, say, Affinity Photo for editing. However, the export feature seems only to export a JPG version?

  • Fixing corrupted originals
    With “safe delete” on, it is a good feature to be able to delete corrupted files so they can be replaced with good ones from the vaults. However, I don’t seem to have this option on iOS/iPadOS. It should be possible…

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading :blush:


This one can be done, but you need to visit Settings->Export and Sharing before starting the export to choose how it should be done.

I would also like an option in there to export the sidecars so that other apps can pick up the metadata, as they can on a desktop.

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Thanks, I overlooked that there is a setting for the export. However, it would be cool to set this at the moment you hit the export button, not just as a general setting. I wouldn’t share a CR3 file in order to post it on a tweet, for example…

Oh and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please stop using those “Using cellular data” warnings every friggin time I open the app!

Those are in the “error” category. They are mere warnings that cellular data is being used. It is not an error.

Also, it’s absolutely enough to warn ONCE after enabling cellular data. I got a warning when I enabled this option, AND I get this warning every time I open the app.

It is annoying as ***, please tone it down, thank you!

Have you turned off “Display notifications outside of the notification panel” in Settings->Appearance?
It just shows a red dot after doing that.

It would be cool and we will address “edit with” in a more general way sometime in the not too distant future.

Nah, the red dot needs also to be gone. I just want no notification at all.