iPhone 12 HDR videos showing blown out highlights on macOS

I have synced a number of iPhone 12 Pro shot videos via Mylio and if I play the videos via Quicktime Player on my macOS - the video colors look correct and highlights are natural. But the same videos playing via Mylio on the same Mac on the same display show completely blown out highlights and the colors are similarly washed out as well.

And when synced to my iPhone Xs, the video is not playable at all. It shows up as a non supported file.

These videos have been exported from Photos on macOS and manually copied over into Mylio on macOS. Anyone else seen this issue?

Mylio does not fully support iPhone 12 HDR videos at this time, which may result in some videos appearing significantly overexposed when viewed in-app. We are actively working on adding support for these HDR videos in a future update :slight_smile: