iPhone ProRes .dng support question

My wife & I just switch to the new iPhones and before we start shooting anything in ProRes, I wanted to check in with you guys here to know what your experience has been with Mylio understanding the new format. Thanks for the help & potential heads up :slight_smile:

This is supported as of version 3.14

Did you mean ProRAW format? (That’s their new raw DNG format for still photos). Your post title mentions “.dng” file format. And yes, ProRAW has worked fine in Mylio for a while now since ver 3.14 - yay!

ProRes and ProRes RAW are video formats. (Yes, Apple has too many similar names).

Sorry for clearing up my confusion about the naming.
Yes I meant ProRaw :slight_smile: and I’m happy that it is fully supported by Mylio.

Can ProRAW store edits instead of using xmp?

I’m hoping for something that becomes more universal.

OT: " (Yes, Apple has too many similar names)" as do many companies. And camera companies are among the worst.

Apple ProRAW uses Adobe DNG as its file format - so yes, it can store metadata (including edits) embedded within, rather than in a sidecar file.

But Mylio will still always write metadata to an XMP sidecar file, regardless of file type. This is an often-discussed topic here on this forum. Mylio doesn’t plan to change that behavior until they can implement some kind of partial- or differential file replication. See recent post from Mylio CEO David V. :

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