Is it possible to selectively sync only certain albums from mobile devices?

I have many pictures on my iPhone which I don’t want to be in my Mylio photo library, many of them were not really important as they were downloaded from the internet and some were just screenshots from games, is there a way to do selective import of photos/albums from iPhone/iPad to Mylio easily?

If there’s no way to do selective import photos/albums from iPhone/iPad, will this work?

  1. Remove “Apple Photos” from Source Folders on all registered devices
  2. Copy only selected iPhone/iPad photos to another device (eg. external HDD, NAS, etc.)
  3. Add files from the device that contains iPhone/iPad photos/albums

The only issue I see from the above method is on my iPhone, I would have 2 copies of the same picture, one of them is the original and the other is preview/thumbnail.

If anyone has a better way, please let me know.


If Mylio is set up to automatically import the Photos library on your iPhone, then all photos will be imported. It is not possible to only import certain Albums at this time.

The method you described would work. A potentially easier way to selectively import photos into Mylio on iOS is to use the “Share” feature. First, you can stop automatically importing your Photos library by following the steps at the bottom of this article: Importing from the Photos app on iPhone and iPad - Mylio Support

Then, to import photos into Mylio, select them in your Photos app, select the “Share” button to bring up the iOS Share Sheet, and then select Mylio from your list of apps. Your selected photo(s) will be imported to Mylio. You can also use this method to import photos that are in other apps, such as Messages. This would essentially perform a copy import, meaning if you imported your entire Photos library in this manner, you would be doubling the storage space used by your photos on your phone (at least until the Original syncs to another device).

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Thanks for suggesting the idea to upload selectively from iPhone/iPad to Mylio via Photos share function.

I will follow the steps from “Stopping Import from Apple Photos (on mobile)” to disable Mylio access to my photo library, then I will upload only specific photos/videos to Mylio. This is perfect!

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