Is it recommended to exclude TXT & THM files

I have some photos & videos taken from very old camera (2001 Canon Powershot G2), the JPG photo has a TXT file attached to it which seems to contain EXIF info, while the AVI video has a THM (thumbnail) file. What will be the effect if I exclude all the TXT files for JPG photos, will Mylio still be able to provide EXIF data? I think it’s safe to exclude THM for AVI videos since it’s just a thumbnail file.

My 1st concern is if I include TXT, THM files, they would be counted toward the media limits, am I right or wrong? If they do not count toward the limits, I will include them in my Mylio library.

My 2nd concern is when I look at my photos, those files with TXT extension will show up as a blank picture. Is there a way to make non-photo/video files NOT to display?

Any comments? Thanks.

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After doing some more testings on Mylio, it seems there’s no way to exclude THM, TXT from displaying on Mylio app and they’re counted toward the media limit. The only way is to move them to a separate folders or delete them. Per my tests, Mylio is still able to show EXIF data even without the TXT files, and those THM files are not really necessary as Mylio will create its own thumbnail/preview files.