Is there a Best Practice articles for setting up Mylio

I’m looking for some sort of best practice tips or documentation for setting up Mylio on Apple MacOS & iOS platforms.

As I am adding more photos/videos to my Mylio library, I found out the hard way that Mylio doesn’t let me view compressed RAF (Fujifilm raw format), CRW (old Canon raw format), WEBP, AVI, etc. so I have to convert them to a different format (eg. DNG, JPG).

It would save me a lot of time and help me plan better if I knew those limitations ahead of time.

Also looking for tips on what you should NOT do with Mylio. Previously I manually added photos from my 4TB external drive (vault) to /home/Michael/Mylio sub-folders (2002, 2003, …) on my Mac (non-vault) because I thought Mylio didn’t copy some photos as I see only XMP files. Later I realized because my Mac isn’t setup as a vault to store originals, it shouldn’t contain actual photos, so I started deleting all the photos under /home/Michael/Mylio sub-folders on my Mac, I found out that this is a BAD move as it also delete all the originals from my 4TB external drive.

It would have been nice if there’s a document on what NOT to do, so users wouldn’t repeat my mistakes.


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I hope you have already found all the guides here:

In particular, this page lists supported raw formats: Troubleshooting: RAW Camera Support - Mylio Support

Yes, there are too many guides, they’re all scattered. I found those guides AFTER I encountered a problem. I was hoping that Mylio have just 1 go-to guide for Apple users (another one for Google users or Windows users) and it should give the best advice on how to set Mylio up to avoid any problems.

For examples, if Mylio can’t play AVI on iOS devices, it should advice users to convert it first to MOV format so video files can play natively on iOS devices. Or if Mylio can’t view compressed RAF raw files, it should advice users to convert it first to JPG or DNG format.

This would improve the user experience with Mylio.

I found out the hard way that my Canon Powershot G2 camera’s raw files (CRW) and my Fuji X-T3 camera’s compressed raw files (RAF) are not supported by Mylio. I haven’t tried checking video files yet, but I already saw a message on Mylio app that AVI is not viewable/supported.

I agree - they have improved it a great deal over the last few months, but there is still some material that is too hard to find unless you know what to search for. On the other hand, they can’t foresee every eventuality!

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According to this article " Troubleshooting: File Type Support - Mylio Support". it states:

Video Support

While all versions of Mylio allow for the importing and viewing of videos, only the Android version of Mylio will play videos directly from within the Mylio application.

Mylio for Mac, Windows, and iOS will use your device’s default video viewer to playback videos. This means that some videos may not play properly if your computer’s native video viewer is not designed to play that video format.


The article isn’t clear and didn’t instruct users how to make video playback on iOS devices. Do I have to convert my video files to MOV format? What video/audio encoding formats, frame rates, bit rates, etc should users use to make video playable on iOS devices? I am hoping that Mylio would recommend some 3rd party converter apps that would make photo/video files more compatible with Mylio.

I think you might have misinterpreted that paragraph? It basically just states that Mylio doesn’t have its own video player - we use the video player from the operating system. So if you want to explicitly make a video that will work, you’d need to check if it’s supported by the operating system player and codecs, rather than whether Mylio supports it or not.

Are you having issues with any specific video format right now?

I’m sure Mylio developers would know what video types would work on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows OS. It’s not good enough to say these are the formats we support, they should provide some recommendations on how to make video playable.

Currently Mylio won’t play AVI videos on my iPhone. I have to research on how to convert them to another format so I can watch those videos.

Perhaps this should be part of feature request:

  1. Mylio should have a built-in encoder and built-in player.
  2. Mylio should have “Preferred video player” in the Settings, so if I have VLC app on my iPhone, I can tell Mylio to use VLC for playing videos.

I’m a Mylio Developer.

I honestly cannot tell you the comprehensive list of what video formats would work on what Operating System and/or version of the operating system and/or combinations of codecs and players you have installed. You might have a codec installed that I don’t, so a file that will play on your device won’t play on mine.

Mylio is really just telling the Operating System to play the video - we have no preference of any kind of video file, they’re just plain files to us that are all treated the same. If you use iCloud to copy that AVI file over to the Files app of the iPhone, and try to play it from there, you’ll run into the same issue.

If I were to personally choose to encode something that is compatible with all my personal devices and quick to download, I’ll use something like H.264 encoded .m4v in 720 wide. But whether that’s good for you depends on what resolution you what, what the majority of the files is that you already have, whether you need to support older devices that don’t support H.265 etc. So there’s not really a single recommendation I can give you that works for everyone, but that one works for me.

Unfortunately we’re as close as Apple will allow an app to get on iOS - which is two taps (tap on the Share button at the button of the video in Mylio to send it to iOS sharing, then tap on the VLC button to play it).

Copying the video to Files app is a good suggestion to test if it is playable or not on iOS devices.

H.264 720p is good enough as most of my AVI videos are from old digital cameras, they might be 480p.

I just checked the AVI files on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, they’re playable. I just need to wait for a few seconds. Earlier I thought they were not playable because I saw some weird symbol on the video files.


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