Is there a way to export a people list

As I add more and more old family photos to Mylio, I would like to add some information about them - date of birth, place or origin, relationship , etc. etc. Since there are no fields within Mylio to store that info, I was thinking of creating a document with that info and keeping it within Mylio. At least it’s all in one spot with the family archives.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Sounds like your best option is to have a text file in a folder available to Mylio which you add this information by hand, or a spread sheet (if Mylio can view it for you).

To me, it doesn’t make sense in having fields for this in Mylio as Mylio is about organising photos, not a contact database. It makes more sense to keep that kind of information in an adress book (i.e. macOS Contacts or Outlook’s Contacts). What each one of us would like to store about each person varies tremendously.

To get the list of people, this SQL query seems to work in the console:
sql SELECT FirstName || ' ' || LastName FROM Party ORDER BY LastName, FirstName

To use this, proceed as follows:

  1. Copy the entire SQL command above.
  2. Open the console from the Help menu.
  3. Use the cogwheel at the top right of the console to set ‘Text Log & Console Output’ to ‘None’, to avoid routine stuff appearing automatically.
  4. Enter the ‘clear’ command to remove anything already visible.
  5. Paste in the SQL command from above, all on one line, and press Enter. Make sure the quote marks are ‘straight’ not ‘smart’, and there is a space between them. It should produce a list sorted by first name within last name.
  6. Enter the ‘copy’ command, and your list will be copied into the clipboard.
  7. Return the ‘Text Log & Console Output’ to ‘Normal’.
  8. Enter the ‘exit’ command to close the console (and there are other ways to do that).
  9. Go to a text editor and paste the clipboard in, and you have your list.

Update: You can change the output order and/or sort order by reversing the field names to suit, like this:
sql SELECT LastName || ' ' || FirstName FROM Party ORDER BY FirstName, LastName

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Thanks. I’ll try that