Issue with date and time for videos

Yesterday I used Imatch to add hierarchical keywords for photos. It seems like Mylio picked up the modified date for yesterday cause now a lot of videos has changed date to 31. of october. Also the time is wrong for the videos.

As you can see from the filename, the correct date is 18.05.2020 but Mylio has set it to 31.10.2020. This is yesterday when I added hierarchical keywords from Imatch.

When I check metadata in Mylio it seem that the correct create date is there. But is there a way to bring it back? Why does this happen? Is there a way to prevent it?

AND it seems like Mylio has picked up a modified date from Imatch for many of them…

In Imatch I get this message when the metadata is analyzed:

" IMatch is configured to not update the ‘last modified’ file system timestamp on write-back.
This will cause issues with detection of modified files."

Right now it seems like it only trouble with video files. Strange!..