Keyboard shortcuts for confirming people, delete photos

Do you know if there is a keyboard shortcut for confirming people? I also looked for a shortcut to mark a photo for later delete. AND make it work on ipads too!:slight_smile:

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There is no shortcut, today, for confirming people. That is a good idea.

There is a simple way to mark photos for later delete that works on all devices and it takes advantage of short cuts. What I do is rate all my pictures with “Auto Advance” turned on; that means that each time I change a rating, Mylio automatically moves to the next picture. On a computer I can use 1-5 for stars and 6-0 for colors. So by typing in say 6 8 0 6, I’ve rated four pictures with four keystrokes. On an iPad tapping on the rating bar has the same effect: four taps rates four pictures, each time moving to the next. So far, so good. I can rate literally hundreds of pictures this way in minutes.

What I do is reserve a “rating” for delete. You could use “flag” but I use a color. As in Red = Show, Green = Keep, and Purple = Delete. So, that sequence above translates into Show, Keep, Delete, Show. At the end I filter to show only the “purples” and then delete all at once after a quick glance through to make sure I did not make a mistake.

Thank you! My ipad has a keyboard and I would really love if this could be used in Mylio. Do you think there is a chance for implementing that?

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