Keyboard support for culling and rating on iPads

I would like to be able to use the same keystrokes for culling, rating and labelling images on an iPad Pro with an external keyboard as I use on a Mac, please!


And now that excellent trackpad and mouse support is there on iPads, I’d like to add these to this request as well, please!


Yes, please! Also, face tagging - I’d like to be able to start typing without having to focus the text field on the highlighted face. And with the new CMD+0 shortcut on Mac to ignore untagged faces, could we get the same on iPad?

Yes please. Keyboard and trackpad support is really missing. For culling certainly but also for scrolling the overview windows and sidebars.

Is there any update on this? I see the new iPad pro as the perfect device for using Mylio on the road.


Hi everyone! Just a heads up that we released a new version of Mylio today that includes keyboard support on iOS! At this time we don’t support a mouse or trackpad if you’re using a Magic Keyboard, but we’re continuing to investigate that for future versions.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if there are any issues.


Thank you! I’ll be trying it over the weekend😀

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Keyboard support on my iPad is (mostly) great! I’m so pleased it’s there now. However, I have a couple of requests…

  1. Maybe I missed it, but I really don’t want to have to touch the screen to move the cursor to each new field on the Info pane - on a Mac, you press the Tab key to move between fields, but on the iPad, that just enters a tab character in the field. I expect this is an iPadOS thing really.
  2. Pressing Command-1 (or similar) to choose All Photos (or other views) doesn’t seem to work. In fact, it seems to set the rating for the currently selected image(s), as if the Command key was invisible. Again, maybe it’s an iPadOS thing, or I’m missing something. [UPDATE: SEE BELOW]

And, please update the list of keyboard shortcuts on

This isn’t a negative comment!!! I am very pleased that keyboard support is here :slight_smile:

UPDATE: They have updated the list of keyboard shortcuts, and it seems my problem with Cmd-1 and so on has gone away!

That just leaves the need to touch the screen every time to move between fields on the Info pane…

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Hi - keyboard support on iPad Pro using a Logitech external keyboard is great. Thank you!

Full mouse support include scroll wheel/track pad would be even more welcome! Thank you to everyone working on a great product.

@timbojoeNBD Thanks for the feedback! This is definitely something we all really want to do but not something we’re currently working on. I’ll update everyone when I have more information on a time frame.