Large Photo Collection - To RAW or not

Hi all,

I have only just found Mylio and am very excited it may be the answer to organising my very large photo collection.

I want to keep things simple and only use functionality from within Mylio.

I have a 10TB library of photos to import including a very large proportion of RAW CR2 files. My ultimate goal beyond organisation is to reduce the size of our storage overhead by converting as many of the RAW files as possible to JPEG (overtime).

What workflow would be best?

  1. Import the whole library and try to convert RAW to JPEG within Mylio or
  2. Only import JPEG photo and edit the RAW outside.

Option 1 would be preferable to me as the photo library would be available immediately to organise and view which they are not at the moment. But is it possible easily?


I don’t think converting 10TB of raws to JPEGs is ever going to be ‘easy’!

Have you installed and tested Mylio yet? I suspect you should do a trial run with a few hundred images first, to see how it all works, and then try scaling it up.

If you import the whole library, Mylio will want to keep the raws as ‘originals’, and it will generate previews as well, so the space usage is going to increase, at least at first.

You could import the raws in batches, export them as JPEGs, then remove the raws from Mylio and import the exported JPEGs; but this looks like hard work to me, and frankly, I believe there are better raw converters (but I don’t have any CR2 files to try with).

Assuming you’ve told us all we need to know, I would do the conversion elsewhere and only put the JPEGs into Mylio; but personally, I would be keeping the raws anyway, on a couple of large external hard disks - they are cheap these days. I may not even do the conversion - it is possible just to keep the raws on external hard drives in Mylio, and rely on the previews Mylio creates for normal access (which are rather smaller and kept on an internal drive).

Caveat: all this is speculation, really. I’ve never tried to do what you are proposing.


Thanks for the reply. I have done some testing and have come to the conclusion you have regarding converting outside of Mylio. Batch processing them. I will test out the linking of Drives. My Main Vault is a NAS at the moment and my photos are also stored on there. I understand there may be problems linking the NAS as an external drive.