Lightroom classic and Mylio together

I have read several topics in this forum about Lightroom and Mylio together. Lately I have been thinking if I want to use LR. Today I use Imatch and Mylio together. DxO photolab is used for my raw photos to process them.

The easiest would be to just use LR, Imatch or Mylio as the DAM and Photolab for processing.

So why do I think of LR? Well, I have these reasons:

  • Maybe LR works better with Mylio than Imatch?
  • LR is used by a lot of people and there is tons of tutorials and learning material
  • Mylio has its limitations where LR is stronger. For example tools for keywording and organization
  • LR has plugins for several programs, like Dxo or Luminar
    -I think filter and search is easier and more powerful in LR - more graphical.

But I love Mylio because:
-Syncing to all my devices and vaults
-Fantastic face recoqnizion
-Fast and easy to use
-Photos looks very good

What do you think? Right now I think that Mylio is a software I really like, but I also think that other programs, like LR, can give better tools for part of my workflow (that Mylio doesn`t offer now).

I would love to hear more about your experiences with LR and Mylio together:)

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I use Lightroom Classic (LRC) for all import, editing, and (most) tagging of my RAW photos. Mylio for me is a very useful adjunct to LRC, for some of the same reasons you listed:

  • sync to all my devices, can browse/search/view ALL my photos on ALL devices - even when offline.
  • better face recognition & workflow than Adobe products
  • inherently multi-user, multi-device - useful for some group tagging projects such as a scanned family photo archive. Although that would be better if Mylio improved its very weak keywording tools.
  • Mylio enables local storage & backup of HUGE amounts of photos. Lightroom Classic doesn’t address backup at all. Lightroom “Cloud” (not Classic) looks promising and does some of the same things Mylio does. But its (required) cloud-centric storage subscription is simply infeasible for a 10 TB+ collection like mine - $1000+ per year!

I’ve never used DXO photolab, so I don’t know why people might prefer that to LR as a photo editor. But LRC does everything I need for advanced photo editing and then some - light years beyond the simple editing tools that Mylio offers. Especially with the new LR release that added extensive Masking tools - fewer reasons to use Photoshop any more.

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Thank you! How do you handle phone photos? Is it possible to import these to Mylio first if my picture folder in Lightroom is a source folder in Mylio? It is very easy to import photos into Mylio when Mylio is installed on all my devices.

iPhone photos are a bit of a pain. I let Mylio auto-import everything in my iPhone’s camera roll. From there, I currently handle them in 2 different ways:

If it’s a “good” iphone photo - one that I want to further edit, tag, or display - then I import that photo into Lightroom mobile on my phone. It will then get synced to the LR Cloud, and eventually synced back into LR Classic on my desktop. LR saves it to my main Source Folder so it will also end up in Mylio automatically.

If it’s a “crappy” iphone photo that I don’t really care about - then I just let Mylio import it “as is”. I don’t shoot a high volume of iphone pics, so I usually don’t bother going back to delete/cull them in Mylio.

Note in the first case, the photo will be duplicated in Mylio. It will have both the original version and the LR-edited/tagged version. Again, because I don’t shoot a high volume of phone pics I just live with this, and don’t bother removing duplicates.

I could probably come up with a more elegant way to handle these, maybe setting up Mylio’s “Apple Photos” folder as a “Watched Folder” in Lightroom (similar to a Mylio Source Folder). But I never tried this, mostly because I didn’t want random iPhone pics “polluting” my Lightroom catalog. So I use the more curated approach above instead.

Thank you Jimre!

If I start with LR classic. How do I get all faces over to lightroom? Do I have to do some work in LR first?

Well, it depends. In theory this should “just work” since both Lightroom and Mylio use the same mwg-rs XMP “region” tags for faces. How well it works in reality depends on a varity of factors:

File-type: RAW or non-RAW? Unlike Mylio, Lightroom defaults to EMBEDDED XMP metadata for most non-RAW formats like JPEG or TIFF. For those you need to perform Save Metadata to File first in Mylio, then perform Read Metadata from File in Lightroom. I’m still not sure exactly how LR treats DNG or HEIC files - still testing those.

Initial import, or already in LR catalog? Lightroom sometimes seems to act slightly differently depending on whether it’s a first-time import into the LR catalog, or whether it’s an existing photo whose metadata is updated. Still investigating the details.

People Keywords. This is a big difference. Lightroom creates a “Person” keyword for each recognized face. If you tag the face inside Lightroom - then it APPLIES that keyword to the tagged photo (in addition to creating the XMP region tag). If you tag the face in Mylio - LR seems to still create the Person keyword upon import, but will NOT apply it to the photo. To really make this work in an “LR-native” manner, it may require an EXIF script or something to copy the face-tag name to a keyword or subject field first.

There are other potential issues I’m still investigating. It’s definitely not seamless, but it can be made to work with careful consideration of your file type(s) and use of Save/Read Metadata commands in both apps.

Thank you again Jimre:)

I really look forward to see what Mylio will offer in time to come. Maybe some day it is enough with just Mylio and DxO for me.

The best and most important things for me would be:

  1. Smart collections
  2. Better keyword tool
  3. Duplicate removal tool
  4. Folder tree
  5. Edit and organize places

I know something is going on with smart collections and duplicate finder. But I haven`t heard anything about keywords I think.