Limit of 25´000

Dear all,

I am starting with Mylio and imported around 38´000 images. As the limit was reached, how can I start re-importing the missing 13´000 which where above the limit? They are on an external disk which is managed as Vault in Mylio. As I started the 30 day test period, does Mylio auto-recognise the remaining 13´000 and imports them? As to my view, this does not happen now that I have unlimited photo count.

Thanks and KR,

Hi @Anthony - Matt from Mylio here. Thanks for writing in and letting us know this happened.

This depends on how you imported the photos, but you mentioned that the photos are on an external drive and that the drive is now a Vault, so it sounds like you imported via the “Add without moving” command. Is that right?

If so, Mylio should begin importing automatically once you’ve upgraded. Sometimes, though, it can take the app a bit to realize your plan has changed. To force Mylio to see the plan change, you can restart the app.

However, it seems that it has been a few days, so everything may have (hopefully has!) worked itself out. If not, let us know and we’ll get you up and running ASAP.