Limit space on a mobile

I have a large library, and even a thumbnail library takes serious space on my mobile. So it should be usefull to upload every photo which I take with my device, but have a thumbnail library only from a selection. Like only certain albums, or only photos in a specific time range.


I do not understand the rationale behind forcing all thumbnails everywhere, and I would consider this related to another feature request to avoid pushing all thumbnails to cloud vaults, so I am adding my +1 for a general ability to control sync of thumbnails in the same we can already control where originals are synced to.

I would disagree with that. With 300,000 photos, my thumbnails take up 4.7 GB. Just under 1% of my iPhone’s storage. Plus the Mylio database files, which take up another 2 GB.

This has been asked on this forum multiple times. Here’s a good rationale from one of Mylio’s developers: Do not sync folder option - Get Help - Mylio Community

For me, the space taken up by thumbnails seems trivial. The real issue I have with “thumbnails everywhere” is that it’s an absurd requirement just to “share” your photos with other people. That’s why I’ve been harping on Mylio to come up with some real options to curate & share your photo collection with others. We should not be confusing a backup & management system with a sharing system.