Limiting the scaling of Mylio

Is it possible to limit the magnification in the image viewer?
a) I would like to have the photos enlarged to a maximum of 100%.
b) I would like to be able to switch on the 100% enlargement directly.
c) I would like to be able to switch directly to “fit into screen” to be able to switch to the next picture.
d) I would like to have “straight” enlargements when zooming in. So 50%, 66%, 75%, 100% (1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1/1)

I want to be able to judge the picture as well as possible. What should I do with 99% or 103%?

I have not found any way to influence Mylio’s behaviour. Is there a possibility or do I have to formulate this as a wish?

Translated with (free version)

On desktops, the Z key toggles between ‘fit’ and ‘100%’ while Cmd/Ctrl-Shift+ or Cmd/Ctrl= zooms in and Cmd/Ctrl- zooms out by regular amounts depending on your screen size. See, right at the end.

I do not use Mylio as a viewer on a desktop computer.
I am looking for these funtions for an Android and iOS device.

In the Appearance settings on iOS (and presumably Android), ‘Pinch to zoom snap back’ will return the zoom to 100% if it is higher than that when you let go of the screen when scaling. If you have a keyboard attached, the keystrokes work on iOS, and moving to the next image resets the zoom to ‘fit’. For more that this, I think you will have to submit a feature request.