Linux based OS Interface

Hello team! In light of all the cyber security compromises during Covid I will be moving from Apple to degoogled android and Linux based systems. I had initially submitted a help request for this but I was directed to the community to submit my request and join the team of dedicated users who love Mylio and would like a Linux version.

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A “degoogled android” - that’s a pretty good trick. Since it’s Google’s operating system :slight_smile:

I thought the same thing. You need to lookup Grapheneos, Calyxos, and Lineageos. Checkout Rob Braxman on YouTube and get your cyber security education on. It’s a real eye-opener.

I agree. While still use Windows for my primary computer, I prefer doing photo ingest and sharing on a CentOS mini PC. I think Mylio is an electron app, so adapting to Linux shouldn’t be too much of a pain, although targeting new platforms is always more difficult than it should be.

The main point is that right now Mylio is a client based application. Your PC is the manager and central intelligence of Mylio. If for whatever reason you migrate to a new system, you need to rebuild the library and hope everything goes well. If Mylio offers a Linux client, we still would have that issue. Therefore what would be a much bigger step for OS independency on the client side, is a server based DAM (and a browser client): Headless version of Mylio for linux

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Depending on your setup, Mylio can be ‘multi-master’, so that replacing one computer does not require a complete Mylio rebuild - it only requires the new computer to join the existing setup still managed by another computer. I would not want to rely on a single system, ‘server’ or not.

Having said that, I support the idea of a headless Linux server option.

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