List of commands?

I see many powerful commands/queries that I’d like to try out.
Where can I find a knowledgebase or summary of these commands?

media:"uniqueHash in (select mediahash from facerectangle where PersonHash=x'' group by mediahash having count(*) > 10)"

Console commands & advanced database queries like these are all un-documented - and subject to change at any time, as Mylio employees here have been careful to point out. Their helpful tips & workarounds here on this forum are the only “documentation” that I know of. Personally, I wouldn’t expect Console commands to ever be officially documented & supported. Use at your own risk.

Having said this, some of these commands (like your example above) are basic SQL database syntax. They get executed by the SQLite database engine embedded within Mylio. So if you know SQL and can deduce the design of Mylio’s database schema (also un-documented & subject to frequent change) then you can figure out some of these commands yourself.

Mylio employees have indicated they are working on a much more powerful & flexible search/query parser for future versions. When that happens, then I’d hope for more database schema documentation.

Thank you for the quick reply and forthright information. There’s a lot of potential for added features.

Also the database schema changes very frequently (We’ve had over 400 changes since we released), so there is no way to really document it in a usable and stable way.

I’m the one working on the new searcher so we’ll document the new commands there. So when I do give advice in terms of using a SQL query for now, I always go back and see if I can find a way to make that a direct search term instead.

So if you do have some powerful search feature that you would like, please post it on here, and I’ll see if I can help you with a SQL search for now, and add it a formal search in the future.

(It will still support SQL queries like the above since there is just no way to plan every possibility up front, but it may be a slightly different outer syntax).