Live Photos and the myb file

Because of many issues I’ve had with trying to remove dups using PhotoSweeper and Mylio messing up with the changes on my 130K+ library I have wiped out my Mylio libraries and I will be reimporting bit by bit after clean up.

Now I am trying to figure out how to work with Live Photos. Performing some tests, if I capture a Live Photo on my iPhone, Mylio will import that as a .HEIC file and a .myb file. If this is imported from my phone then the Live Photo correctly works across Mylio.

Now with my prior imports I have a situation where I have a hybrid approach. Prior to Mylio I was using Synology photos which would strip Live Photos into separate .mov and jpg files. So in my duplicate pruning I may have:

(from Synology syncing)

but then also from Mylio import

What I found is that if I just import the myb it says that it is missing reference media. If I import photo1.heic and photo1.myb, then it shows in Mylio but Live Photo does not work. One thing I am confused about here is that if I unzip the myb file it shows the .heic and .mov file in that archive, so why dies it say it is missing reference media and that I need to add the .heic outside of the .myb when the .heic is within the .myb to begin with. This seems to be increasing storage needs for no reason.

If I import photo1.myb, photo1.heic, then I get two media files in Mylio. One with .heic and myb and the other the video.

Is there a way to get the Live Photo working again after the fact?

Currently the .myb files have to come from the iOS device for it to be hooked up to live video. Just keep these files around for now, we are working on a fix that will allow you to import these on other devices as well.


we are working on a fix that will allow you to import these on other devices as well.

Any update on this? It is over 8 months after your reply!

The problem is not only that the .myb file has to come from an iOS device but that the .myb file IMO is only created if I sync the whole Photos library with Mylio.
If I only want only a subset of photos from my Photos library into Mylio, I have to do a manual export/import step and Mylio does not generate .myb files in this process. So it is currently impossible to import a subset of Live Photos, photos made with Portrait Mode, slow motion videos etc. from the Photos library into Mylio, which is a real problem.