Location association of SLR photos from smartphone photos

Usually its a big pain to add location to your SLR photos. GPS modules are clunky and drain battery, bluetooth apps are unreliable and annoying and most cameras do not come with GPS. But you often take smartphone photos around the same time as your SLR photos, so some smart fuzzy location association would be a great thing for enhancing the map view, including adding location after the fact with your smartphone photo location info.

Even if you dont really take smartphone photos at the same time of SLR, knowing this feature is there and automatic could induce you to start doing it.

It is not the same, but I use Geotag Photos Pro.
It is a small app with minimal cost (not free) for Android and/or iPhone with a Desktop app for Windows and/or Mac.
You have to set the clock on your camera in advance.

It runs on your phone and records a GPS track.
When you point the desktop app to a folder of pictures, it assigns GPS location to all the photos based on timestamp.
I used it with the option save to XMP only. Now I only use the phone app and let the location be assigned by the Breeze Downloader windows application.
It was working OK, but the other can also download my photos.


yeah that is traditional geotagging, and it’s way too much work that i never do it. I do take smartphone photos and have since the iphone 3g, so it can backfill all of those locations too.

It is not much work.

  • I start the track recording when we go somewhere.
  • The phone records my position and saves it to a log automatically in the background.
  • When I get back home, I stop the recording → the app loads the track to a cloud account
  • When I am back at my PC, I download the track and also import the photos.
  • With the Geotag Photos app, you only have to point the app to the folder containing the photos. The app will load the photos and match them to the track.
  • Then you can let the app save the coordinates to the files.

The whole thing is only a matter of some clicks and maybe giving a name to the track before starting the recording.
And setting the time on the SLR to match the time on the phone.

As a bonus, you can have a tracklog for later use. With using only the phone, that you have always with you.