Lost originals of nef-files and jpg-files

I am used to delete lost originals that are lone xmp-files. But what about jpg-files and nef-files. Some of them show up as lost originals. They are all blurry/out of focus. What can I do with this?

I’m sorry you’re seeing Lost Originals in your library. A Lost Original means that Mylio has a catalog entry saying a photo exists, but none of the devices on the account have the full-sized Original. There are 2 different things that can happen to create Lost Originals. The first way that Lost Originals happen is when the only device with the Original is unregistered from your account. This can happen if a computer or phone is lost/stolen/stops working or if it is accidentally unregistered from the account.

The second way that we see Lost Originals is when a photo is imported from a phone and then imported into the Mylio app on the phone, but the full-sized Original has not synced to any devices and then the photo is removed from the camera roll. On iPhones and iPads, this can be from iCloud Photos, which “optimizes” storage by removing photos from the camera roll to save space. On all phones and tablets, this can mean that the photo was deleted from the camera roll.

Mylio can show you which photos are Lost Originals by opening the Mylio Dashboard, then going to the “Devices” section, and selecting your current device. There will be a listing for “Lost Originals” in the Sync Details section. Click on it and Mylio will perform a search, showing you the files. The only way to resolve Lost Originals is to delete them from Mylio.

I have to come back to this again. What if these photos are originals that I want to keep? Is there something I can do to remove them as lost originals without losing/deleting the photos?

Do you mean you want to use the Mylio Preview as your Original from now on?

Yes, I guess so. Often the lost originals are lone xmp-files. But not this time. Seems to me that deleting these will delete originals I don`t want to lose.

Do those JPG’s/NEF’s exist in Finder/Explorer?

I will take a look when I come home tonight:)

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I checked now and they only exist in a folder and calendar. No choice to show in finder/explorer.

Can you see if they exist on your other devices, or perhaps elsewhere in Mylio (search for the name), or finally your Trash Can/Recycle Bin.

They seemed to be on other devices too. When I checked them, they all were small in dimmensions. So they all were blurry. Don`t know how this could happen. But I ended up deleting them because I had other photos of the same, just better sharpnes. So now I have no lost originals:) Thanks for your help Deon!

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