Make mylio resort files into a date folder structure?

One thing I liked about lightroom is how it conformed imports into a uniform folder structure of something like YEAR/MONTH/DAY with different config options of how you want YEAR/MONTH/DAY to work. With mylio, even though it kind of implicitly does that, it can be somewhat random sometimes, and mobile imports tend to go into their own folders. It would be nice to be able to tell mylio to resort everything after the fact so you can maintain a uniform structure that way.

In the folder view, in the menu or when you right click on a folder there are other folder actions and there is the option to organize your media by Year/Month/day etc. with some customization options.

Indeed when you import on a computer it can organize it immediately, when importing from phones, it gets initially to those phone folders, but with the folder options as mentioned you can initiate the reorganization to that folder structure, you would just have to kick this off once in a while to get it done as it is not automatically initiated.

Keep in mind this action is permanent and cant be undone.
There are also articles about this on the support site from Mylio.

Eg here

You can import photos, or re-organize them, using a consistent date structure. I use one folder per year, and underneath that one folder per day for that year – so, theoretically, 365 sub-folders. I repeat the year in the sub-folder name for easy navigating. The structure is like this:


Mylio has a syntax for doing this as a ‘custom’ setting (you need to set somethin your preferences to allow advanced settings to see this). My syntax to achieve this is:


The / character creates the subfolder; the - character appears in the folder name. I forgot why you need to capitalize Y and D but leave m in lowercase, but (having done this many times) I know it’s correct. There are other options in the syntax if you don’t like this approach.