Manual album sorting

I have 600 photos with one specific person in them. I have half of them dated. I tried to put them all in a temporary album so that I could manually move the pictures around, look at the images in that area and decide where the pictures should go on a timeline. I started by sorting the album by date and then changed to manual. I was hoping that it would keep the date sequence and then the pictures that I haven’t yet dated, I could move around and figure out where they go. Instead, when I changed to manual it rearranged all my photos to some sort of starting point that I didn’t want. Is there a way to say, keep the album in date sequence as my starting point and then manually modify the sequence?

Try doing the same thing, but instead of using an Album as your temporary repository, use a folder. Folders don’t have the option to sort manually, so it’ll preserve the date sorting. For photos that don’t have the correct date yet, set them to “undated” that way they’ll show up at the top (or bottom depending on sort order) of the folder. Be aware that this will physically move the photos to that folder, whereas the album is just a virtual container., so if your photos are already organized in specific folder structure, this might not be a good option for you.

JC, that won’t work for two reasons. First is, I do have a folder structure that I can’t (won’t) change. Secondly, the whole reason that I wanted to use manual was so that I could move pictures in between others and try and see how the ages looked and then try elsewhere. I have created two temporary albums, one manual and one dated and I go back and forth between them. It isn’t perfect but it is working. Thanks…Jackie

Ok, that makes sense. Glad you found a workaround. There’s a feature I’ve suggested similar to the old light table on Aperture, but honestly it is way down the priority list :slight_smile:

Your question caused me to experiment with albums. We can improve the current behavior and I will put in a “tweak” which will eventually get done. I believe that when a set of pictures is added to an album for the first time the initial order in “manual” mode should be whatever order they had in the respective folder when they were added.

So, if your folder had pictures in date order, they would start in that order. If your folder had pictures in name order they would start there. And so on.


Great idea. Thanks and good luck.

David, I was thinking about sequencing the albums. Another approach might be to start with whatever sequence the album is in at the time you select “manual” sequence. For example if I have been looking at my photos in name sequence, then when I selected manual they wouldn’t change and I could make any manual changes at that point, that I wanted. When I first tried this I was looking at my photos in date sequence. When I turned on “manual” I was really surprised to see all my photos move around. I had expected them to stay where they were and allow me to move the ones I wanted.

Just a thought, since you are thinking of looking at this section of the code…Jackie


Adding my 2c to this. I add a bunch of photos to an album and want to have them mainly in date order but just tweak it a bit. Swapping to manual seems to come up with a very random order (I’m sure it makes sense to someone). I agree with the suggestions above that when ‘Manual’ is selected for the first time for an album the photos should be put in the order currently displayed, then able to be tweaked.

Actually not random. The first big batch I put into the album were in reverse date order (even though I had selected them when in ascending date order in the previous view). Then anything I added to the album after the first selection all appeared at the bottom.

I’ve just tried out on an existing album sorted in date order ascending. Made a new album of those photos. Displays in date order ascending (my normal setting for albums). Switched to manual and the order is date descending! So a huge job to get them into date order as the starting point for my minor adjustments :frowning:

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AFAIK a year later this has not been implemented and apparently since it’s in descending I have to manually move 100+ photos to get what many here (and I) want.

I am now researching what happened here. We started down the path of “building it in” and then ran into a problem.

So, here is a question about another way of approaching the same thing.

The behavior you want is that when you create an album from a folder, the “manual order” starts out the same as the sort order of the folder the pictures came from.

So, here is an alternative.

Folders can have one of four sort orders: date or name and ascending or descending.

Albums can actually have the same sort orders.

Say you could say “make the manual sort order right this minute the same as the sort order I current have in the album”.

Then you could move on from there.

It’s an extra step but it gets you to the same place, right?

Just asking.

I’m asking for creating an album from an album (or maybe a selection), not a folder. Or more simply have an album sorted with one of the four Mylio options then switch it to manual and have it be in that order at the time of changing to Manual. (Going back through the thread I realize I had responded to something about folders.)

And: one should be able to go from Manual to any other sort and then have the Manual order be what it was before switching. I realize this goes against the original request, but I think it’s necessary in case someone wants to check another sort or more importantly if one accidentally changes the sort. Or if that is hard to implement, a caution that one is about to lose their manual sort.

Or are you suggesting one create a folder from a selection? As someone else pointed out, folders serve an all together different purpose and to mix the two in this way would be crazy making.

Also as I was creating the slide show, I decided to create two albums: one which I left in the sort by date another with the same content which I changed to manual. It seemed that the albums didn’t stay in that order—changing one changed the other. I was getting pressed for time so sent a copy of the photos to Keynote where I did my final editing.

(I know going to Keynote defeats the process in many ways, but for me it’s a safety measure. I can’t accidentally change the order or accidentally delete the photo (by say eliminating a duplicate in Mylio). I have one Keynote doc with one or two hundred photos instead of working with the 100k plus photos. And yet further off topic, the slide show was a post Covid party where four couples shared their experience of the last 18 months.)

PS. You should create an entry here Image organizer - Wikipedia. I’d do it, but you have the facts at hand.

Can you send me your email?

We can take this conversation offline and include the people doing the work so we do the right thing.

I think we are close.

David, I think that you had it correct in an earlier post. I don’t care what sequence the album is in when I first create it. I can select one of the preset sort sequences, say date descending for example. What I want is when I change it to manual sort nothing changes at that point, the sequence the pictures are in at that point stays the same. I can now move around a few of the pictures to where I would like them to be.

This is quite important and I wouldn’t have thought that it was very difficult. We are actually asking you to do NOTHING in terms of resorting the pictures, when we switch to manual mode. Just allow us to now manually move the ones we want. Thanks for a great product…Jackie

When the calendar / creation dates are wrong the sort is manual (ie historical photos, or scans), and the adjustment is a bit cumbersome.

The nugget is to get the creation dates to be historically sequential… then tweak to something more specific if needed. - ie this one before that one but in the summer not the winter.

I wish the calendar view could be like a light table and the computing power responding to a year / month demarcation to adjust that creation date to the right era… but switchable between view and sort… or some attainable method.

Being graphically oriented that would be my perfect world.

We are now looking at doing exactly what you ask for.

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Sounds great.