Map Satellite Hybrid, a bit more detailed please

When zooming in on the Satellite Hybrid map, the details stay too vague. I don’t need street view ability :slight_smile: but a little more detailed maps would be very helpful please.

Hi @LucLL - thanks for the recommendation. Our map data is supplied by Maptiler (just the map data, your photo information does not leave Mylio) so we don’t have any control over the level of detail provided on the map. In the future it is always possible that we change providers, but we just recently moved to Maptiler to get these additional views so it probably isn’t something we’ll be doing in the short term.

Hi @Mylio_Matt, thanks for clarifying. I was just wondering if you could control to what level of detail the images would be provided.
Would just be nice to have as im currently working a lot with geotagging old pictures.