Map view for one folder

I thought I had done this before but I can’t figure out how. I want to open the Map view when I am in a single folder so that I just see the entries on the map from that folder. When I click on an area I want to actually see all the photos, from my one folder, that were taken in that area. Opening the map in the info area doesn’t let me select an area and then filter the photos that I am seeing. Basically I want to limit the normal Map View to just one folder or one selection of photos.

Sorry if this is obvious. I think that I have done this before but I am missing something at the moment…Jackie

Select the folder, then click on the Map TAB over on the right. You can expand that map if needed with the arrow icon.

Clicking the main Map View (top left) seems to always default to your entire collection.

Hi Jackie - There are two ways in which I typically accomplish this:

  1. Using the Mini Map in the Details Panel - you can select any folder and the photos from that folder will be represented in that mini map automatically
  2. If you want to see things on the larger Map View, then create a specific category that you assign just to the folder you’re viewing, and use a filter for that category while in Map View.

Let me know if either of those doesn’t make sense.


Clicking the Map tab on the right doesn’t allow you to ever get back to seeing your filtered pictures. When you click on the icon on the map for a group of pictures you get 2 options to modify the GPS or something like that. You don’t get to see the pictures that make up the group…Jackie

Jim, the map panel on the right doesn’t allow you to see which pictures are in a grouping, like a city or region. It just shows you were all the selected pictures are. This is backwards from what I wanted.

I think that the suggestion about using a filter is what I must have done once before. I might have used the colour filters or something like that. I am sorry that I asked now, but it isn’t intuitive and I didn’t remember that trick. Thanks a lot for your help…Jackie

PS I just tested it by making all the photos in one folder red and then filtering on red and it did exactly what I wanted and I can drill down into photos from a specific area. Thanks again and I am very sorry if I have asked this before.

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You’re right, I’ve never tried to drill into individual photos in this “mini-Map” view. Not very useful.

Well as long as my “senior” brain can just remember your workaround then I am good. Thanks for your quick help…Jackie