Metadata field used for sorting by time

Hello. I’m new to Mylio and photo management software.

When I change the date/time of my photo in Mylio I would like to change the seconds as well.
Could someone please tell me which metadata field is used to store the new date/time so that I can find a way to modify the seconds.

Many thanks.

Welcome to Mylio! There are a few different fields for date/time in the XMP file:


If you edit the date of a photo in Mylio, all of these fields are updated in the XMP. If you set a date range (as opposed to a single date) only MY:DateRangeStart and MY:DateRangeEnd are updated.

If you only want the change to be reflected in Mylio, you can just edit those two fields (they can be set to the same value if you don’t want a range). If you want the change to be read by other programs, you should update the other fields as well.

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The quicktime:CreationDate is used instead of exif:DateTimeOriginal in some media, so copying it to DateTimeOriginal is useful. Note that CreateDate and ModifyDate are file properties.

Thanks Micheal D. I modified the date/time fields you listed and that reflected back in Mylio in both the display order and in the metadata list.

Does the Metadata list in Mylio display the data in the .xmp file or the image file header directly?

Thanks Paul. When you say file properties does that mean that they are in the FILE section of the metadata?


I meant file system properties, although CreateDate is inconsistent among platforms. In particular, the FileModifyDate may change without modifying anything within the file itself, for example when moving or copying the file without the options to preserve those attributes.

Here’s what exiftool shows. Note the File:System tag.

[EXIF:ExifIFD] DateTimeOriginal : 2021-04-16 12:37:56
[EXIF:ExifIFD] CreateDate : 2021-04-16 12:37:56
[File:System] FileModifyDate : 2021-04-16 12:38:09


Thanks for clarifying Paul.

It can read and display information from both. For any photos that don’t have an XMP file, the metadata list will display information directly from the image file. If you make any edits within Mylio, an XMP file will be created and the edit information will be written to the XMP. No changes are ever made to the original file unless you use the Photo > Save Metadata to File option. If there are changes made in Mylio to fields such as GPS coordinates or DateTimeOriginal, the changes will be made to the XMP and displayed in the metadata list.

Thanks for the explanation Michael!