Missing events and/or forcing event sync?

This is a repeating issue for me, in one way or the other. Most of my issues went away after a new version of Mylio and a reset of sync (got terrific support from the Mylio support!).

This time I have an even about two weeks ago which Mylio refuses to recognise. I have a few photos from this event and I have even deleted the event in my calendar and created a new one, but to no avail. I’ve checked the time of both the photos and the calendar event and it does match (the event was about 2 hours long and the photos are from in the middle of it). Events a couple of days before and after this event are imported correctly.

It is a bit annoying, anyone that has any suggestions? I could create the event in Mylio but that would be a bit of cheating I think, and it would most definitely not solve the issue.

Sorry for the delayed response. The event might be getting caught by a filter. There are some filters set up by default to exclude events with certain words (Dentist, Doctor, etc.) and events that are less than 1 day in duration.

Open the View Menu (the three vertical dots in the top-right) and go to Settings > Linked Calendars. Find your calendar in the list and then select Show More Options. Adjust the criteria as needed.

Thanks, I didn’t think of that possibility. The only thing I could see was that if the filtering was made on the description of the event and on parts of word, i.e. if “here” was one of the words to be excluded and the event contained the description/note (i.e. not title) “walk somewhere”". Might that be the case?

The ignored keywords also apply to descriptions/notes in the event. I was able to reproduce behavior similar to what you are seeing. Interestingly, with the here and somewhere example the event was still imported for me, but a similar test (I tried mile and smile) caused the event to be excluded.

I’ve passed this along to our dev team to take a look at how these keywords are handled. In the meantime, if you notice an event is being excluded, modifying the ignored words list or the event description should allow it to be imported.

For completeness: I removed the filter words (not important), nothing happened, I duplicated the event in my calendar and deleted the old instance. Mylio now recognises the event.

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