More image editing functions please

I think Mylio is really great and I worked with many different Image management applications, but the image editing functions in Mylio should have more features for professionals.

Things like “selective color correction” are completely absent. A tonal value correction similar to that in Photoshop (also with midtones) would be desirable. HDR editing is also missing.

What some programs have almost too much in terms of image processing (Capture One, Luminar 4) is almost a little too little here.
The retouch functions are not only limited in functionality but also very slow.

Otherwise, the performance (especially when it comes to administration) is very impressive - even with older computers.

Please excuse my bad english - I am from Austria. :wink:


Yes, I would love to see a quality Cloning tool for the simple ability to remove dust spots. I dont think Mylio needs PS capabilities but if we had a cloning tool for basic dust spot removal I wouldn’t need to go out to any other program for 90% of my image processing.

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A gradient filter would be really useful. The brush filter I currently see pointless. I created a separate post for this. More editing features is a must have. I would like to get some insights on the development road map to be honest.

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There are really two questions in this thread: cloning and more (powerful) edits in general.

Myself I find our brushes to be pretty useful. There are many pictures where I was able to bring out the face or the eyes . . .

At some point we will add cloning to allow fixing dust spots and even removing objects. We could even add object removal.

Moving beyond that though, our focus is on working with other tools. I use a wide variety of tools in conjunction with Mylio for various purposes. The fact that I can get to a picture and say “open with” on a computer and then be in the tool of my choice is very powerful. That’s the beginning.

I use third party tools on the iPad and the phone as well. For example, I really like Affinity and the way it does perspective correction. It is true that on the iPad or on a phone there are too many steps required to work with other tools. We will fix that relatively soon and then you’ll be able to go there and back in a keystroke or two.

Hope this helps.


This is good to know, thank you!

Regarding additional editing functions, a simple invert operation would be very helpful to preview scans of negatives. Alternatively a ‘Curves’ tool would be great, which could also be used to invert images.