More liberate handling of associated files

With “associated” files I mean files that are moved together, when one of the files is moved within Mylio and they are renamed in-sync. Currently this happens in Mylio for JPEG, RAW and XMP files with the same filename and JPEGs with _display added to the name.

To keep these associated files in-sync it is recommended to only move or rename pictures within Mylio and not in Finder/Explorer.

Unfortunately, depending on your personal workflow, there might be additional files that need to be kept in-sync like:
Proprietary sidecar files of external editors like DXO Photolabs, Capture One, On1 and more.
Files you want to associate with a picture like a text file, a Word document, a spreadsheet, a PDF, an audio file etc.

In another thread I’ve already asked to add support for the proprietary .dop sidecar file from DXO. But meanwhile I think, it would be a more universal approach and at the same time even easier to implement, if you simply treat all files with the same filename but different extensions as associated files and move/rename them together with the picture. That way you cover all current and future proprietary sidecar files and all other file-types a user wants to associate individually.

I can’t think of any problem such a broad handling of associated files could generate. But if you want to be prepared for this in case it should happen, add a user editable list of extensions that should not be treated as associated files.
Alternatively make just a positiv list of extensions that are treated as associated files.

Hope you like this idea.

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