Multi-User Support

I am coming from Google photos, where my wife, daughter and I share a Google Drive folder. We can all upload photos there, but each of us have our own account. It is very useful to be able to see who uploaded what and be able to sort by photo creator.

Am I correct that the Mylio recommends that we all use the same Mylio account? Is there any way to distinguish users?

Yes, I recommend using the same account.

Your phones will automatically get their own folder per user in Mylio, so that should be easy to distinguish photos from different phones.

If you want to be able to see e.g. a separate Calendar view for each user, the easiest is to add a “Category” for each family member (e.g. “John”, “Jill” and “Jane”) and then mark each of those Phone Camera Roll folders with the category for the family member.

If you have additional photos from other sources as well, that you also want to keep separate, just place them in per-user folders as is most practical to you, and then also mark those folders with the appropriate categories. For pictures that are common between everybody, just tag a folder with all 3 categories.

This way you can enable a top-level filter in Mylio and you can at any time select whether you just want to see your pictures, or your wife’s or daughters, or a combination of multiple users.

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Interested to read this question and the response - gives me food for thought as to how to work with my partner in a situation where we have large amounts of personal photos not of particular interest to each other, plus also huge shared libraries (currently many Apple Photos libraries but wanting to change…).

I think what you’ve proposed is probably the solution, although I think it means tying up real estate with the filter on all the time. I’ve wondered if the following would work.

Two users on the Mac
Each user has folder of their own photos, and also one folder in the /Users/Shared area.
Each user links to their own folder and the shared folder but not the other persons.

I have a feeling you’ll say ‘not a great idea’ but thought I’d run it by…

A further comment… I’m increasingly liking this idea but there is a glitch that has shown up quickly. When searching with the filter in place, and choosing to search by people, the list is of all people in the system, not just people who have that category tagged. It would be clean/great if the people list were also able to be filtered.