Multiple Apple ID working on one Mylio library

I working with Mylio from some weeks now and I am happy with the basic function:

  • One vault connected via iSCSI connection to the local NAS.
  • One vault located on an external disk installed inside a shuttle for external storing reasons.
  • 2 Mac’s, 1 iPad and 1 iPhone accessing the data.

Now I need to solve a problem with the login with Apple. I want to allow my wife to access the same data but as normal he working with a different Apple ID on her iPad and iPhone. This Apple is part of the Family account managed with my Apple ID and owner of the Mylio Account. Any idea to solve the problem without resetting the Mylio acconto to user and password login.

Not sure I understand the issue. Your wife will just need to log in to Mylio with the same Mylio user name & password as you, in order to access your photo collection. Her Apple ID is irrelevant I think. Or am I missing something here?

Thanks for your answer. My Mylio account ( is based on the login with Apple. Now when I login the Mylio I use my Apple ID. This ID is part of the setup on any Apple hardware. Now if I try to setup Mylio on the iPad of my wife the setup request if I want to connect with the Apple ID ( of wife because the unit has been configured with this ID. To understand the problem you need to configure a Family account on iCloud with you as master Apple ID ( The you configure a family member with his Apple ID ( and then you will have the same problem if you use the login with Apple for both users. (The Apple ID of this mail are examples).

Ah, so it appears you used the “Login with Apple” option, rather than the regular Mylio email/password login?


I haven’t used that option. My guess is that your Mylio account is now tied exclusively to your Apple ID only. Even if you chose the regular Mylio email/password method, you are still limited to a single set of login credentials.

Another example of why we need better “sharing” options in Mylio.

This is a limitation with single-sign-on on iOS devices, unfortunately. Apple will only allow you to use the Apple ID associated with your device for anything that uses “Sign in with Apple”.

At this time, short of changing over your wife’s devices to your own Apple ID, the only option would be to reset Mylio and start over with an email address/password login. If you do reset, your folders, photos, and XMP files holding your metadata will be preserved in a “Mylio.old” library folder, to make reimporting a bit easier.

Thanks for your input. After this process and after changing the e-mail in my account there is still a problem because the account is still known as an account with Apple login. Can you fix this please or explain how fixit. Can you please also explain how import the files form the old library to the new library.

Thanks and best regards

@TicinoGrigioni Hey Bruno. I just responded to your support ticket via email, but I also wanted to post the bit about reimporting your photos here to help anyone else that might come across this thread.

Mylio keeps any photos that you copied into it in a “Mylio” folder, which is by default created within the user folder of your computer. The Mylio folder from the “Signed in with Apple” account will be renamed to “Mylio.old” when you follow the reset instructions (linked below). You should not reimport the entire “Mylio.old” folder into your new library; only the photos inside of it, or the subfolders containing your photos. You also should not import the “Generated Images Bundle” (this contains the thumbnails/previews of your photos). If the “Signed in with Apple” account had any folder on the computer that Mylio was “watching” outside of the “Mylio” folder (aka they were not copy imported) then you would need to re-import them separately via a copy import or add the folders as Source Folders. Please see the following article for more information on starting over:
Troubleshooting: Resetting and Starting Mylio Over

Another option is to use the file system to move all of your photos/subfolders into the newly created “Mylio Pictures” folder (within your new “Mylio” library folder). They will then be imported to Mylio.

Thank you for that explanation. I also have this issue. Just a small part of my photo collection is a portfolio of my husband’s work that I would like him to have access to when he meets with customers. But I used “Sign up with Apple” before I understood how mylio could help him, so it seemed like I was stuck. I did figure out how to change my email to mine, instead of the apple fake-out email, but I can’t seem to get further than that.

I have restarted Mylio 3 times in the past month, so that doesn’t scare me. But that tip about not losing all the hours I put into organizing & tagging my pix should make it easier. I love so many things about this app, but I also struggle with so much of it (especially on my Windows 10 laptop, which never seems to accomplish anything).

@kerrberr Sorry to hear about the trouble. You will need to delete the “Sign in with Apple” account from the account management page (, reset Mylio on each device, and create a new account using an email address and password in order to change the login method.

Thank you for that, Michael. Will I be able to still use my Create account I go with my Seagate drive?

@kerrberr yes, you can return to the “Start_Here” file on the Seagate drive. This will take you to the registration page that includes the Mylio Create offer, and you can retrieve a new code. If you have any trouble with this please contact with proof of purchase of the drive and we can get you a new promo code.

@Mylio_Michael_D Thank you, I got this to work using your instructions. Thank you.

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Hi, I have the same issue. Has the account management page changed since this post? I do not see an option to DELETE the sign in with apple account. I can:
1-change email
2-cancel subscription


For the delete button to show up you would need to cancel the subscription first.

ok, sounds simple. what happens to the balance of my annual subscription if i cancel? Do i lose that money? When i “resubscribe”, will i effectively be paying twice for a few months just to disconnect my apple id?

Ok, yeah if you have a significant subscription time left, please contact support first and have them give you a credit on the new subscription.