Mylio 3.11 Refresh Release 2

Earlier we released a refresh of Mylio 3.11 to have all platforms aligned with our new IPTC fields in the Info tab. Our second refresh release targets a few high impact bugs affectiing iOS/iPadOS 14 and Android 11.

Any news on the win7 install issue? Might this mean the end of win7 support?

At this time, we are still working on a fix for Windows 7. The issue as discussed in the thread linked below is still being investigated by the team. It was always likely Windows 7 would no longer be supported in the near future but we had not anticipated this update being the change. Stay tuned to the thread below for further updates.

I don’t mean disrespect to win7 users, but Microsoft no longer support this OS, including no updates for it, and the market for win7 users is dropping by the day. Seems like a waste of resources fixing issues for win7

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Up until this release, Mylio stated Win7 was a supported OS, so whether or not MS support it is irrelevant. If you’d clicked on the update button and it broke your Vault, I doubt you’d have the same opinion.

I wouldn’t mind if they had notified users that Win 7 support was ending with some time to prepare for it, but this has been a failure of release testing, and more than a week after it happened there’s still no help to get a previously working installation back up and running.