Mylio 3.8 Refresh Release 2 (and 3)

2 updates in the last couple of weeks introducing changes to account creation and app download flow on our website as well as some bug fixes.


I didn’t see any mention of this before, but with the 6652 build from May 15 that my Mylio Mac just updated to, the actual Mylio window didn’t come up anymore. I closed Mylio and opened it again and it was the same. And the close option in the menu bar didn’t seem to work. I had to right click on the Mylio icon in the Mac Dock to close (but not force quit).

Opening Mylio again I chose the support options from the help menu and that way I was able to start it in safe mode and the main screen opened fine. I then closed Mylio and opened it normally and it’s working again.

Thanks @Rain,

We did launch an update for the new onboarding (for desktop only) last Friday. The team is still working on getting the mobile version finalized soon. I will create a topic for those two updates then.

Safe mode is a great troubleshooting step to get out of those one-off types of strange behaviors. We do not have other reports of this yet but will keep an eye out if others report it.

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