Mylio and Synology Moments/Photo Station

Hello, I own about 130 Gb of picture and videos. Most of them are Live photos from my Iphone.

Before meeting Mylio, I was using Synology Moments and Photo Station to view my library, to auto upload photos from my iphone and to host my library on my NAS to be accessed also from internet.

I discovered Mylio and really like the easy way of categoring photos, locations and people and also the way of accessing my library from IOS client.

But Mylio has some limitations:

  • does not support Live photos
  • does not make video preview

This will require me to host the full library on my iphone memory but I do not want this because is a big library. So I can’t see videos from iphone client because Thumbnails and Previews is not enough to see.
Also, if I want to download a video original to see it, I have to keep my main Mac powered on and not sleep because Mylio can’t access directly my NAS that is always on.

So I came in the need to use both Mylio and Synology Moments (or Photo Station) to have both features (waiting for a new Mylio version…).

Using both there is another problem. I am usign my IMac to manage library and I have a Vault on my NAS where I copied all originals by importing them and letting Mylio organize all folders.
Mylio store inside the main mylio folder the originals photos and, in a separated folder, all the thumbnails.

Since with Synology Moments you cannot select sub folders for indexing, it is indexing both dirs (originals and thumbnails) generating all duplicates when browsing photos.

Someone has a better solution to handle library with Mylio togheter with another solution to manage the “imac offline” situation and to be able to see from remote videos and live photos?

Thank you

I think your Synology Moments is currently indexing your entire Mylio folder. Instead of doing that, under the Moments app, go into Drive and then “My Drive”, and then instead of adding the top level Mylio share, drill in one level deeper until under the “Mylio_xxxx” folder, and from there select the inidividual folders but skip the “Generated Images” folder.

This will then avoid the duplicate images from showing up in Moments.

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I also have a Vault on my NAS using Synology Moment.
But what do you mean about “instead of adding the top level Mylio share”?

In Synology Moments, you cannot choose another folder than “My Drive/Moments” for indexing.
How can you skip the “Generated Images” folder?

Thank you.