Mylio Broke my iPhone Photo library, unable to remove deleted photos

I Just decided to move to Mylio from Aperture after many years of resisting to move out of the Aperture as I haven’t found any replacement Mylio came closest to cover my needs. I converted and synced my Aperture and Photos libraries after couple weeks of evaluation I decided to jump on board as my old MacBook Pro still running on High Sierra and Aperture is slowly dying. My issue occurred when I tried to get free space on my phone using Mylio app feature to delete old photos from Photos library. It ran through over 8000 photos to be deleted from photos app library. In the end it said that it successfully deleted over 6000 photos and videos but was not successful on over 2000 of those (why I don’t know). problem is that the photos were not actually deleted but ended up in the Recently deleted album in the Photos app so they still take over 30GB of space. Using the storage manager or photos to delete these photos does not work it does not delete anything in addition none of these photos is even rcoverable and their previews are not visible. So I’m stuck with photos app taking still most of my storage on the iPhone and not able to clear the space.

Dis anybody have such problem?

My phone is iPhone 6 with iOS 12.4.8

I’m thinking as last resort to restore my iPhone from backup I did before I tried to do the cleanup. Before I do that, I wonder if there is any other way to fix this. I tried some suggestion I found but nothing worked it seems that Mylio must have corrupt some metadata of photos app as the iOS and Photos built-in cleanup features don’t work anymore


That sounds like how it’s supposed to work. iOS isn’t going to let an app permanently delete photos. You would have to go to the recently deleted album and delete them yourself.
Mylio only deletes photos (or moves photos into this album) if the photo has been saved on all your devices and the original is in a safe place. So the remaining 2000 must not have synced yet.
I do remember that if you have a ton of photos in the recently deleted photos album, iOS gets kind of buggy about actually deleting them. I’ve had to just select a few at a time as the “delete all” button wouldn’t work sometimes.
If it’s still really stuck though, restoring a backup could help. This sounds like more of an iOS issue than a Mylio issue.

Thanks for the advice it’s what I actually had to do. I had to manually purge all the recently deleted photos from the Photos app, the strange thing that all those deleted photos previews/thumbnails were not visible just empty rectangles in the photos view. I’m not sure if the Mylio or Apple is to blame for this I still think that this might have been something Mylio did with metadata in IOS library. It was quite painful to go through deletion of thousands of photos and videos. Photos app on iOS is is really badly designed for cleanups it does not have easy way to delete things older than some date or whole album. I also had issue that even after purging all of those deleted photos the iOS was still showing the photos library taking the same space as before the cleanup, I did several restarts and it eventually fixed itself after I deleted couple more photos manually and purged them again then the reporting showed reduce photos storage use. Another issue I had was that trying to restore from backup did not actually work as iOS complained about not having enough space as I had only about 12GB left on the 128 GB iPhone. So it also seems that when you run of space there is no easy way to restore stuff without fully wiping out the device via recovery mode and restore from backup, bummer. At least I was able to get everything in sync on all devices and now my phone has way more free storage available having all 50k photos thumbnails available which I could not do with photos app without paying for additional iCloud storage. I really like the Mylio sync feature, but I really miss the Aperture UI and picture editing which was still way better IMHO.